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Dat ik helemaal gék ben van Racoon, wisten jullie misschien al, maar binnen Racoon in het algemeen, heb ik zo ook mijn favorieten. Die heb ik hier op een rijtje gezet, samen met het mooiste stukje songtekst en het album waar het afkomstig van is. By the way, ze staan niet in volgorde van heel, héél goed naar nog steeds goed, want dat kan ik niet. Ze zijn allemaal even goed (:

Telephone Song 

Till Monkeys Fly (2000)
The dog is lazy, oh so sweet
She lies there very peacefully 
And she looks at me with eyes that say don't panic man
Cause She'll call

Love you more
Another Day (2007)
I've been away too long
And everyday I missed you more

Another Day (2007)
If you can't give her space
We're afraid it's too late
You got to let her go now
Or we can't help you

Liverpool rain
Liverpool Rain (2011)
Stuck in a van
As far away as I possibly can
Stuck in a mood
So far away that it couldn't be good

Laugh about it
Another Day (2007)
Can you give me free advice
I don't know if I can but I'll try to listen

Feel like flying (deze versie is in de trein!)
Till Monkeys Fly (2000)
Walking home as the words
Rol down my tongye straight to below
I just catch them right before they hit te ground

Happy family
Another Day (2007)
It would be lovely, to see all your faces smiling
It would be wonderful if all this shit I sing about
Was happening, was happening, was happening

Don't give up the fight
Liverpool Rain (2011)
I will remember you, and all that we have been through
There is no angel, that can be more angel than you
I see you every night when your star is shining bright
And I smile, I cry, I wish you where here, with me

Lucky all my life
Before You Leave (2008)
But I gathered all my dreams around you
I hope you put them with your own, where they belong

No story to tell
Liverpool Rain (2011)
Ran into the water, right up to the neck
To keep the head up, drank it all down, swallowed it back
Don't believe in fighting, or love made out of free will
There's a higher law up there somewhere, that laughs at every kill

Clean again
Before You Leave (2008)
Strange ideas, what am I doing here
She's not familiair with his talk
They're only lookingt at her rear
You can call her what you will
Angie, Rose or even Bill
Hell, what you will

Eigenlijk vind ik álle liedjes leuk, maar dit zijn mijn favorieten!

Wat vind jij van Racoon? Ben jij net zo'n grote fan als ik?

Liefs, Moon♥

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